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Dr. Susan Marie Pender 
Writer. Author. Speaker. Counselor

Psalm 34:18, "The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit."

About the Author


Welcome to my website. I am so glad you visited! My story is a common one with which many can relate. Though you may not have been raised on a farm in rural Minnesota, we each have similar experiences which affect our hearts. Growing up as a timid child, in an alcoholic home, I endured many struggles and challenges.  Fear and intimidation influenced who I was, especially during my formative years. As an adult, I began questioning my purpose in life. Questions concerning Christianity, and how to know whether I was actually a Christian, crowded my thoughts. One evening while watching television, Billy Graham answered all of my questions. I realized I needed a Savior and gave my heart and life to Jesus Christ. 

With a Practical Nursing License and Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Administration, my professional history includes Nursing and Health Service Administrator. While employed in Minnesota a burden developed within me for the sick to be healed. Praying for those ones, I witnessed legs grow, addictions leave, hips calcify, and minds of dementia patients clear. My desire to see people completely restored led me to Peter C. Wagner Institute through Global Awakening, where I received a Doctorate Diploma of Practical Ministry. Relocating to Florida for further training, I enrolled in Vision Leadership Institute at Christian International. I graduated April 2018 with a Doctorate of Theology.

My books, written from personal life experiences, contain compassionate stories of abortion, opioid overdoses, addictions, alcoholism, and more. They reveal hope and truth for restoration of hearts, families, lives and healing. Full of integrity, honesty, truthfulness, compassion – these words describe the books born through my personal journey of restoration. Healing the brokenhearted that they may know the love that God has for them is my life's ambition. I hope you are encouraged while you enjoy my writings.




This is my first book which relates my experience with abortion. Many of us grieve in silence because of our loss and the shame we carry. Only one can heal our broken hearts. He has not forgotten us. My hope is that you will be restored while taking this journey through, God What is my Baby's Name.



A spirit of intimidation had negatively affected me all of my life. In 2012 the Lord encouraged me in a prophetic word saying He would give me five smooth stones, just like He gave to David, to slay the voice of intimidation that rises up against me. This prophetic word spoke about obtaining these five smooth stones and putting them to use in my sling of faith to help me overcome the fear in my life. 

"These truths did not come to Susan just by reading books but by Scripture and life experiences. They have proven true in Susan's life and now she is sharing them with you. Bless you Susan for taking the time and work it took to make these tremendous truths available in this book." 

Dr. Bill Hamon

Bishop & Founder, Christian International

"The spirit of intimidation is real. It wants to affect this generation in insidious ways. Susan does a marvelous job of describing the full arsenal at our disposal to destroy the enemies arrayed against our destinies in Christ. When we understand the schemes of our enemy and then employ God's strategic weapons against those schemes then we can become the warriors God needs to champion His kingdom cause in our culture in this generation."

Apostle Tom Hamon

Vision Church @ Christian International




"Immediately, I went to my father’s right side and knelt down next to him. As I began to open my mouth, a flood of contained emotions poured out in tears. This was a man whom I had once feared because of things I saw him do when he had been drinking. I realized that I didn’t have this fear anymore and all the negative feelings about him had left me. Now, all I felt towards my father was love."  This is a story of reconciliation, restoration, and a true Father's heart.



Women are living in guilt, depression and life-long regret as a consequence of what society told them was their 'free choice' to have an abortion. There is a suffering inside of us when our moral compass is violated, but God wants to bring healing to these women so they can fulfill their purpose in life. There is also a restoration that God wants to bring to families who are affected by abortion. The Truth will set you free and bring healing to your soul and body.  


     Stop Steven, Stop 

                      .....the angel yelled chasing after him.

After I became divorced with three young children it created new challenges in my home. My youngest son Steven began using alcohol and drugs when he was 13 or 14 years old. I was working two and sometimes three jobs to provide our needs. There is not anything more painful than losing a son or daughter prematurely no matter what the cause is. This is a traumatic event that can cause a "brokenhearted" condition of those suffering from grief. I believe only God's love can heal us and make us whole again.  


"I must say this is one of the most sensitive and heartfelt stories I have ever read. Susan has taken a tragic life event that would devastate even the most hardened of hearts and told of how God can take you from tragedy to triumph. This is a must read, not only for those who have suffered loss but for anyone who wishes to understand and help those who have. God has given Susan deep insight into how to navigate your way through dark trials to His shining Light and Peace."

Pastor Missy Marcinkowski

Family Pastor, Vision Church @ Christian International  


Healing the brokenhearted that they may know the love that God has for them is my life ambition.

Dr. Susan Marie Pender


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